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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  February 10, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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the man accused of shooting a federal agent outside his newark home this week was in court less then an hour ago. i'm stephanie chuang live in fremont with the latest. a smaller occupy town movement is back at uc berkeley today. i'm christie smith. i'll tell you if their message has changed ander they might be heading next. eight elementary school stafferses on leave in the wake of a campous abuse investigation. the teacher accused of kissing and slapping preschool special needs students. the news at 11:00 starts now.
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good morning, everyone. thank you very much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. >> this morning a stunning story of infatuation and violence is playing out in an east bay courtroom. >> prosecutors making their case that a local on tition shot a man. family members are gathering in support of the victim and the suspect. >> reporter: yes, good morning. it was a tense courtroom. it just happened within the hour. 61-year-old dennis bagwell showed up in his red jumpsuit. he was limping. he's accused of shooting a federal customs agent, also 61, outside his newark home. that was tuesday morning. now, bagwell's sister and two other supporters showed up in the courtroom. they were very upset when we approached them, and they would not talk to us.
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also in court, three of bagwell's most recent students whom he has been teaching at union city's bay area optical school. they were shocked to hear about his arrest, that he had been acting normally and he was straightforward and professional guy. according to court records bagwell became obsessed with his vict victim's wife, irina. smith told police she rejected bagwell's advances and remained friendly with him, occasionally ten ten texting him. after he was spotted, quote, lurking in the bushes you side their home. neighbors and smith told police they spotted bagwell's vehicle in front of the home a week before the shooting and also as recent as a few hours before the shooting happened. now, the victim's wife and daughter were also both in the courtroom, along with three customs agents.
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they would not talk to us either or tell us how robert is doing. last we heard, he's still in the hospital, serious condition. it was a very tense courtroom. the families of both sides were sitting on opposite ends and they may meet again february 29th, that is when bagwell's expected back in court to enter a plea on charges of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon live in fremont, stephanie chuang. >> thank you very much. also today, police searching for the people tossing chunks of concrete an an officer driving on north sea street when he stopped under a railroad crossing to investigate rocks out on the road. that's when he says three or four people started throwing rocks at him overhead on the track. he was hit, and he suffered a head injury. people throwing the rocks, they got away. this morning north bay business owner sifting through the damage after flames ripped through a lumber yard. at least 35 firefighters attacked the flames at rafael
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lumber and building supply in san rafael 3:00 this morning. the fire burned through the roof, and construction supplies in the main building before spreading it into an office and display area. the owner says he's lucky. firefighters got a handle on the flames within an hour. >> could have been worse, could have been the dry shed. they wouldn't have been able to put that out too quick. >> reporter: why is that? >> it's all dry timber in there. >> no one was hurt in the fire. so far, no word on the cause. oakland prosecutors going to court to crack down on motels they say are havens for hookers. the city asking the courts to shut down the national lodge on international boulevard and the economy inn on east 12th street. police say both motels have a history of prostitutions, sometimes it involves children. both already under a court order to clean up their ability. the city attorney says those
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efforts are coming up short and she'll seek the maximum penalty to close them for one year. the tents are back up at uc berkeley, occupy protesters try to re-energize the movement. christie smith is live at the plasz za whe plaza where police are standing by 24 hours after the campsite appeared. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. occupy cal is back. now in day two. there's a mellow atmosphere here on the steps, maybe 15 people, some making signs. there are six tents here. but demonstrators say the message is the same as it always was about economic fairness. the oouft's sayiuniversity's sa don't want the tents here. one demonstrator told me an officer asked him to remove the tent but no official dispersal order was given so they stayed. this is the same spot where on november 9th police in riot gear
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clashed with students moving the crowd out with batons. students are back for the three-month anniversary today and because the university has nod ended tuition hikes. >> we're not the aggressors. we are here simply, you know, celebrating each other and building a new system in solidarity with the rest of the occupy movement and fighting for demands that we have for our educational system currently. >> at this point, we're monitoring what they're doing and letting them express themselves, put their opinion out for people to see. we're discussing things with university administration and we haven't made any decisions on what further action we're going to take. >> reporter: they've got a couple of pieces of art they brought oust here, including a giant mushroom. i asked one demonstrate what are it means. he says like fungi we grow back. trying to reignite the movement because in march students from berkeley plan to join others around the state to go march on
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the capitol in sacramento for their next event, calling occupy education. for now, they plan to keep the encampment here. they may move it later on and they're discussing the possibility of taking the encampment over to the chancellor's residence. live at uc berkeley, back to you. >> thanks a lot. we're getting a look at the man police say walked into a sanford dorm room and attacked a sleeping student. this man crawled into bed with the woman and tried to remove her clothes 2:00 sunday morning. the woman, she got away. the man then ran off. it was the second attack on campus that morning, 45 minutes earlier a woman was tackled by a man near kennedy grove. a passerby scared the attacker away but police do not think the two attacks are related. a shakeup at a peninsula elementary school in the wake of a campus abuse investigation.
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at least eight employees are on leave from their jobs at roosevelt elementary school in redwood city this morning. the school district says it is possible the employees did not follow proper procedures when reporting allegations of abuse. the special education teacher is accused of kicking and slapping at least two special-needs preschool students between december and january. she is due in court in march. a judge in the jerry sandusky child abuse sex scandal considering the jury selection process and sandusky's bail conditions in a pretrial hearing. the former penn state assistant coach took the stand, telling a judge why a local jury would be as fair as those from anywhere else in pennsylvania. prosecutors trying to convince the jury and judge to fill the jury box with people from outside the state college area. today's hearing also addressing sandusky's request for contact with his grandchildren and others while he awaits trial.
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he says he's innocent of the 52 counts of alleged sexual misconduct involving boys. a trial date tentatively set may 14th. in los angeles, one of the teachers charged in that child sex abuse scandal now free on bail. 49-year-old martin springer released this morning on $300,000 bail but ordered to wear an electronic monitor. he's accused of fondling one of his student back in 2009. he's due back in court next week. and almost a week after they died in a house fire set by their own father, charlie and braden powell will be laid to rest. the boys' funeral scheduled for tomorrow morning in washington state. sunday josh powell killed his sons and himself by setting his home on fire just moments after they were dropped off for a supervised visit. powell was a suspect in his wife's 2009 disappearance and recently lost a bid to regain
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custody of the boys. on the international front now, the violence in syria is escalating and death toll is rising. new amateur video into our newsroom claimed to show the latest assault on homs. you can hear gunshots and see smoke rising from the buildings. hundred of people believed to have been killed there over the past week. to the north, two explosions in the syrian city today killed at least 25 and injured 200. alepo is the country's economic and business hub. this morning, president obama backing off right now the controversial requirement for birth control coverage. at a press conference, president obama rushing to end the political backlash from religious groups and catholic lawmakers in both parties. the president says religious employers will not have to cover birth control for their employees after all. instead, insurance companies will be the ones directly responsible for providing free
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contraception. >> a charity or a hospital that has a religious objection to providing contraceptive services as part of their health plan, the insurance company, not the hospital, not the charity, will be required to reach out and offer the woman contraceptive carefree of charge. >> for the record, women will still get guaranteed access to birth control without co-pays or premiums no matter where they work. >> the one is here. the forecast is so important. we are going to be able to take a walk in the clouds later on. >> we certainly are. certainly are. we're going to get romantic weather on valentine's day day for all of you love birds and those of you who will be alone like me on valentine's day. the weather's going to be okay. as you can see from the live picture over san francisco, overcast day. clouds really increasing as we speak. they're going to continue to increase over the south bay. partly cloudy, mostly sunny here
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in san jose. you can see from radar light shower activity in the north bay. showers are falling apart. and it's bve rechlt ga evaporating. we're already in the 60s, mid 60 in some cities, even with the cloud cover like sunnyvale. but we'll see 70s. we'll talk about that and take you through the all-important weekend forecast. >> valentine's day, the three of us get together, cut out hearts and paste. >> and give them to each other. >> sounds great to me. >> cutting some slack. we'll show you the bay area gem that will teach you how to wk the slack line like a pro. i'm bob redell, live in monterey peninsula following the gallery following you know who's back for the first time in pro am in ten s. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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okay. it's time for the second round of the at&t pro am golf tournament. tee time in monterey. >> all kind of star power out there on the course been but the talk of the tournament, tiger woods. bob redell, he's been out there hobnobbing with celebrities all day, that's what it says, hobnobbing. he's hobnobbing bob. he joins us live to fill us in. sweet day at the office there. >> reporter: very nice. you see the ocean behind me, it's gorgeous out, it's overcast, which is nice, not much wind, good for the game of golf. we're on the 6th hole here at the peninsula country club. you should be able to see tiger woods, on the collar, next to his caddie. i believe he might be in position to birdie this hole. he just had a beautiful layup on to the green. he's up there on 2 and he'll be on to number 7. it's significant that he's here. first time he's playing in the pro am in ten years. recall in 2000 he won the pro am
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at pebble and the u.s. open that year, happening both times that year. significant that he's back. take a look at to the right. you can see how large the gallery is. and this is in spite of what happened a couple yearing ago with his personal failings, if you will, whatever you want to call them. he still has quite the following out here. fans are also here to see the celebrities, the pro am, many are celebrities. celebrities on the top of their game in their own field, if their in movies, music, very good amateur golfers. it's a humbling experience to be paired up with the greatest golfers in the game of golf. >> intimidating. you try to settle down, play like you're at home. it's nice. they come over the range, give you tips. sometimes you can incorporate them, most of the types you can't. it's fun to get the knowledge. >> you're fine as long as you play good. nobody says -- as soon as you hit a bad shot i can help you
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with that. by the end of the week you've got stuff to do with your elbow, stuff your hip has to do. >> how are conditions compared to today, yesterday, years past? >> what, are you a meteorologist? yesterday we played -- it was very hard. greens were very hard and fast. way beyond the ability of an ordinary amateur. >> reporter: but the professionals we're talking about the weather yesterday, like i mentioned, how still it was out here, lack of wind to bring up that point, more than half of the field broke par. so that's how good the conditions were. we do have a slight breeze out here now. we're ocean side. i don't see that affecting play. of course you don't have to deal with the heat. it was hot out here earlier. we have a beautiful overcast. i'm trying to see what tiger's doing. he's waiting for one of his colleagues to finish up. tiger woods back at the national pro am here at pebble beach.
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continui continuing through the week. >> so jealous. how beautiful. it's a good thing it's not rain out there. clear conditions as he said. not a lot of wind. let's check the bay area with christina loren. >> we do have climbing temperatures down in the south bay right now. but indicative of a system of low pressure which is pushing onshore. bob redell pointed out winds are increasing at pebble beach. that will continue to be the case. clouds increase and winds pick up out there. so, we're dealing with 53 degrees in santa cruz. let's fly you south into pebble beach. what we're expecting throughout the day. 50 to 54 degrees, winds picking up out of the northwest, the same between 5 and 10 miles per hour. the weather will likely impact game play. we'll have to find out how it's looking as we head through tomorrow and sun as well. today's weather's going to be better. headed throughout tomorrow you want to bring an umbrella. we are expecting mist and drizzle at the coast. 66 in san francisco.
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65 oakland. you hit 6 8 degrees in fremont even with the full deck of clouds. not as warm in the north bay, getting pesky showers, light showers. you don't need an umbrella but they are annoying. as you can see, we have a weak did tur bans pushing through, this will move through the bay area throughout the day. for us it's going to keep temperatures more mild than where we ended up yesterday. spectacular sunshine, 70s. saturday, cloudy, drizzle will make way to plenty of sunshine. a preview of valentine's day. looking really good here. morning brunch 48. 57 degrees by midday. if you want to avoid showers tuesday, you want to make plans later on in the day into the evening hours. you can see we'll get another round of rain sunday into monday. monday look like the heaviest precipitation. by tuesday, showers early, make way for sun and clouds wednesday. back to you. >> like the midday rendezvous. >> you remember this moment in the super bowl halftime show?
11:20 am
bay area native will bring slack lining to center stage. rockin' a toga. if you want to learn how to do cool flips and tricks, brian hickey shows us the east bay gym offering classes on exactly how to do it. >> you saw it at the super bowl, try it for yourself here in el cerrito. the guy on the line tdoing the high wire ability. this is 14-year-old alex. alex has been slack lining for a wh while. how long have you been doing this? >> 2 1/2 years. >> what are you slack lining? what is it? >> it's -- it's nylon. it's like a trampoline. >> reporter: fun to balance on? >> yeah. >> reporter: alex he does splits all kinds of stuff. he got back from competition in boston where he took third in nationals against adults. this guy's 14.
11:21 am
great job. signature flip right there. we've got damien here. damien with bridges rocket. you have had slack lines in for quite a while. >> we opened up with slack lines. we were the first and only gym in the world actually to dedicate this much floor space to slack lining. >> allowing the line to move. >> yeah. this is the progression of allowing the line to move. it's called surfing. >> reporter: how does someone get started in slack lining? >> we offer classes for beginner slack liners. we have classes every saturday at 1:00 p.m. for the next four weeks. that's a great way to start. learning how to actually walk on the line. >> reporter: all right. give it a try for yourself. try it here. bridges rock gym in el cerrito. brian hickey, back to you. >> sign me up. ticket fiasco at burning man. o tsayanic n mts tay notet ggo is have you called to switch us to anthem yet? honey, how can i call now,
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welcome back, everyone. the burning manifest val this morning dealing with a ticket fiasco. the sacramento bee reporting 75% of longtime participants did not get tickets in the ralph. participants are the ones who make floats and displays that define burning man. organizers have 10,000 tickets left and there are rumors they'll give them out to the performers and art groups that were left out. burning man ralph ticket for the very first time ever to try to crack down on scalpers. looking to get back on your feet and into a new job, there's help in oakland. nbc bay area news is sponsoring the diversity and veterans career fair happening now at the alameda county training and education center. this is on 12th street, just began and we will continue until 3:00 this afternoon. nbc bay area is recruiting
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without question. just look for the white check. welcome back. no matter what you have planned for valentine's day, there's always room for banana sam. >> absolutely is. we want to share the love. something to think about. the handsome squirrel monkey became a bay area star, making head leans after being stolen from the san francisco zoo. tomorrow, banana sam back in the monkey exhibit. the bonus, take along a valentine for bs, take along a valentine, treated to $1 off admission all week long.
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>> valentine like a banana. >> a banana with a heart drawn on it. >> now we're thinking. >> creative. good thing for the family to to do. >> banana dessert, cupcakes with love. >> join us tonight, 5:00, 6:00, 11:00.
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